“Create the Better World”

NOW Architects is constantly on the lookout for talent willing to create ‘a better world’ through architecture.
If you are a person that is creative, communicates well, and loves a good challenge, please apply at NOW Architects.

Employment information

regular employment information

NOW CM is constantly on the lookout for talent. If you are full of passion, please do not hesitate to apply.

Recruitment target : Intermediate level employees

Recruitment method : First : Unassembled test > Secondary : Interview

Prepare your resume and submit it to HR manager via email. (job application for workers with career)

Resume, Career Certificate (issued by Korea Construction Engineers Association etc.)

Inquiries : Make your inquiries to HR manager via email. Telephone inquiries are not accepted. (email : nowcm@nowcm.co.kr)

Application for employment in the electric field

Required Technical and Expertise

-More than 15 years career for general contract company
-More than 6 years construction supervision career for housing project

Grade and Training

-Electrical Engineers Association Training Completion (within 3 years)
-Electrical Engineers Association Grade / 1st , 2nd Grade


-CV curriculum vitae / experience admission application form)
-Electrical Engineers Association career certificate

If you have a question.

Contact via e-mail of recruiter (e_mail: gm.hwang@nowarch.co.kr)


While seeking to develop the company, NOW Architects also offers various employee benefits to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to lead a prosperous life.
NOW Architects is doing its best to create the best working environment.


5-day workweek

To encourage self-development and personal recreational activities, NOW implements 5-day workweeks.

Reward system

NOW implements reward systems for outstanding employees and outstanding design project teams.

Physical examination

NOW offers regular physical examinations to maintain health and prevent illness among employees.

Holidays & support for recreational activities

NOW recommends liberal use of annual paid holidays, and other holiday leave for events associated with celebrations or condolences.
Also, NOW offers condominium facilities for employees to use freely and conveniently.

Training system

NOW conducts various internal and external training programs in order to develop talent.