QS Team

The NOW QS and Cost Management Division is the result of the establishment of a dedicated team to perform services previously offered by the company in association with other disciplines. The NOW QS team have many years of extensive and varied QS experience in Korea and worldwide.




NOW QS staff are all fully experienced and experts in delivering the following services to the client to ensure complete satisfaction.

Cost Planning
  • Preparation of detailed target cost plan
  • Updating the cost plan during the project
  • Identifying the most cost effective strategies
Estimating Costs
  • Construction cost
  • Soft costst
  • Hard costs
  • Concept & Schematic Design Stage Costs
  • Detailed & Construction Design Stage Costs
Taking off Quantities
  • Using Principles of Measurement (International) for Works of Construction
  • Can use Korean or other systems for compatibility
  • Measurements taken from AutoCAD files
  • Reducing overall costs
  • Increasing value for money
  • Simplifying construction methods
  • Establishing a procurement strategy
  • Pre-Qualification process
  • Obtaining competitive bid
  • Negotiating prices
  • Selecting and modifying suitable contract documents
  • Negotiating terms and conditions
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities
Construction Period
  • Performing periodic valuations for regular payments
  • Costing changes and what if scenarios
  • Cash Flow forecasts
Final Account
  • Negotiating the final account with all service providers
  • Maintaining records of all expenditures
  • Advising on release of any deductions or retention sums
Due Diligence
  • Site or building survey
  • Identification of faults or problems
  • Identification of practical improvements
  • Costing of rectification and improvements
Special Services
  • Services tailored to suit individual client’s requirements
  • Managing the service of other providers
  • Benchmarking
  • Market comparisons
  • Site or building location for purchase



  • Victor Stanger

    Projects Performed Yeouido Conrad Hotel
    Yeouido PARC1 Hotel
    Berjaya Jeju Complex
    Midan City Complex Resort

Additional Cost Management Staff

Employee Name Qualification Position Years of Experience Project
Seok-Cheol Kim Cost Manager Civil 29+ KM Tower
Hyung-Mo Kim Cost Manager Electrical 28+ KM Tower
Hong-Kyu Park Cost Manager Mechanical 16+ ISC Plaza Complex
Jin-Wook Kim Cost Manager Civil 14+ KM Tower
Young-Min Kim Cost Manager Mechanical 21+ Inspire Integrated Resort
Sang-Hyun Won Cost Manager Architectural 20+ Inspire Integrated Resort
Jung-Won Park Cost Managertd> Architectural 18+ Inspire Integrated Resort
Se-Jeong Moon Cost Manager Architectural 9+ Inspire Integrated Resort
Hyuk-Ki Hong Quantity Surveyor ARICS Architectural 9+ Inspire Integrated Resort
Hyun-Bin Kim Cost Manager Architectural 2+ Inspire Integrated Resort