What is CM?

NOW CM provides Total Solution Service in construction management through experts and professionals in various fields.

We make every endeavor to maximize the rights and interests of our customers by leveraging our leadership skills in matters related to cost, time and quality throughout a project from planning to completion and maintenance.

NOW CM controls and manages a project by fully engaging in a comprehensive range of tasks, including planning, feasibility study, appointing designer, design management, process management, order, construction, and maintenance in an integrated manner on behalf of the project owner so that the owner is able to obtain the best possible project outcome within the given budget constraints



Pre-Design Phase

Project feasibility study

Prepare project plans and procedures

Value engineering, Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (VE,LCC)

Project master schedule management

Project risk analysis

Designer selection and contracts support

Support preparing owner’s requirements

Establish information management system and communication methods among client, CM, designer, and builder


Design Phase

Design management

Cost saving strategy and tactics (VE, adoption of new engineering)

Constructability review and value analysis

Review of documents and contracts for builder selection

Estimation in each stage of design and review design documents (drawings and specifications)

Acquisition of licenses and approvals from relevant authorities

Determine client-supplied materials and equipment


Pre-Construction Phase

Builder PQ evaluation

Prepare tender notice and tender precautions

Provide onsite presentation

Review bidding documents

Select builder and negotiate

Review material procurement and obtain materials provided by client

Contract conclusion and certificate/insurance purchase


Construction Phase

Quality Control (Total Quality Assurance Control)

Cost Management(Payment scheduling, design change management, preventive measures against claim)

Schedule management (construction progress, construction period, completion management)

Safety management(safety, health and environment strategy, risk management against hazards, accidents/incidents)

Environment preservation


Post-Construction Phase

Commissioning and review of relevant manuals

As-built drawings management

Prepare project final report

Review of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Support move-in, fit-out and transfer of building operation

Review and verify payment of completion money

Repair and maintenance management

Provide advice on building operation and maintenance


CM engages in a project throughout its lifespan from the planning stage to completion while supervision is only responsible for process, quality and safety management during the construction stage.
Therefore, it is important to have CM involved in a project from its earliest possible stage to maximize project profit.


Incorporate client’s goals and directions within the early stage of project to ensure efficient coordination among relevant project players, including PM, designer, and builder

Full range of CM services to meet required value expectations and to protect benefits of project owner

Totally independent from designer and builder in fulfilling duties and responsibilities based on organizational transparency

Objective construction cost tracking and management by presenting standard cost statement and reviewing actual cost statement

Prevention of factors that may elevate construction cost and affect cost savings through value engineering

Step-by-step construction management based on in-house Project Management and Quality Control Manual of NOW CM

Examination of civil engineering, process, construction cost, constructability and quality degration during the planning stage while minimizing changes in design from the early stage of project

Seek eco-friendly design (floor, ceiling and outer walls of officetel and retail stores)

Help client with tender procedure and method to select the right builder

Review of estimated bidding price and of bidders’ documents

Thorough review of contract documents against possible claims regarding contract

Perform the duty of acquiring project related licenses and approvals from relevant authorities in line with project management and implementation plan

Regular monitoring of licensing to prevent the occurrence of delay

Analyze expected issues relating to licensing and come up with solutions accordingly

Ensure completeness of contract documents and eliminate all possible discrepanciesdi

Timely response to builder’s request with regard to major decision-makings and consultations with client

Prepare ways to protect client against builder’s claims

Minimize likelihood of any claim by establishing cooperative relationship among project participants

Save running costs by optimizing management organization system, labor cost, energy cost, and repair & maintenance cost

Cost savings through structural improvement (design)

Maximize asset value and ensure intended functionality through LCC(Life Cycle Cost) analysis